Favourite Vancouver Roofing Resources

Favourite Vancouver Roofing Resources

Here are some of our favourite Vancouver roofing resources: SUPPLIERS SSR Cedar Family owned, great service, great prices located in Surrey. Dick’s Lumber Great prices, located in Surrey. Velux Quality manufacturer of skylights. Columbia Skylights Quality...
What to Ask Before Hiring a Roof Repair Company in Vancouver

What to Ask Before Hiring a Roof Repair Company in Vancouver

Repairing a roof is a major decision and undertaking.  You are going to want to make sure that you hire the correct person and company for the job.  You want to make sure that your Vancouver roofing contractor has the experience and know how to complete the job. This article dives into what to ask before hiring a roof repair company in Vancouver.


Check to see if the company has experience working in your community.  A lot of contractors will tell you your roof has a problem, then when you hire them to fix it they will do little to no work on the roof.  Never pay in advance as some roofing scammers will take your money and never return to work on your roof.  Always check out the reviews and testimonials of the roofing company. Some companies will even give you references of past clients. The BBB is a good resource. Check out our A+ BBB Business Review!


Always ask the roof repair company for proof of their liability insurance.  Every respectful roofing contractor should carry liability insurance and have a business license as a roofer.  Ensure the company you choose is covered by Worksafe BC. You can get a clearance letter online with just the company name.


A conversation about your roof should give you a feel for how much experience your chosen roofers have.  A trustworthy roofing company like Kanga Roofing will employ highly skilled workers to ensure your job is done right. More than five years of experience will make sure that the roofers will know what to do for a variety of problems that they could encounter with your roof.

Contact us at Kanga Roofing for a free quote on your roof repair or replacement.


Roof Maintenance in Vancouver BC

Roof Maintenance in Vancouver BC

If you’re thinking about your roof maintenance in Vancouver BC, consider getting a yearly maintenance inspection completed. In terms of preventing leaks in particular, this kind of inspection could keep both you and your roofing contractors from having to deal with a difficult situation. Leaks may be actually not easy for roofers to fix, because finding the source of a leak is limited by the place where the water leaks into your home. Since water moves, it may not necessarily be the same place where the leak started.

Getting a professional roofing inspection completed once a year can prevent a lot of leaks and roof repairs from ever occurring. Not only will it help you to keep your roof in the best condition it can stay in overall, it also protects your investment.

Here’s what you can expect from an inspection:

The roofing inspector will look for potential concerns before they get on the roof.

You can expect that the inspector will complete a visual inspection of your roof from the ground. Let the inspector know whether you have seen any evidence of leaks from inside and whether any high winds or other weather may have caused damage. They’ll also want to know if you have had a satellite or similar item installed or serviced on your roof recently.

They’ll check for signs of damage on the roof:

Once they’re on the roof, they’ll look for damage starting at installations, fixtures and penetration.  The inspector then checks flashings and the seals around your chimney, as well as to any skylights. The chimney and skylights are key areas for water to sneak into. Drip edges, gutters, roof-to-wall transitions and dormers should also be looked at.

They’ll inspect from inside:

Your attic could have mold, algae, damp insulation and other troublesome signs that there’s condensation present.  Therefore, an inspection from inside is particularly important.

Getting a yearly inspection is integral for keeping your home safe so contact our Vancouver BC roofers to books yours.

North Vancouver Roof Repair

North Vancouver Roof Repair

Are you in need of a North Vancouver roof repair or replacement? Weather, debris, mold and leaves can lessen the life of your gutter and roof. Even rubbish can damage them over time. All of the mentioned factors can greatly lessen the overall life of your sidings, gutters and roofs. Moreover, wind and hail can also impair your ridge vents and roof, which cannot be seen from the ground. Flashing and nails can also be sources of leaks, prompting damage to the decking.

If you’re experiencing these dilemmas, contact our reliable North Vancouver roofers at Kanga Roofing. We have experienced and skilled professional contractors to handle various roofing services. Our crew of expert inspectors will assess every part of your attic, interior, exterior and roof areas of your house and business establishment to look for any damages. Our inspectors will evaluate for:

  • Water leakage and staining
  • Granular loss, roof wear and deterioration
  • Missing, buckling or curled shingles
  • Visible nails and unsealed nail holes
  • Unsteady or missing ridge caps and vents
  • Incorrect sealing of pipe jacks
  • Infirm and broken decking
  • Opened flashing around chimneys and other joining roof surfaces

Apart from roof repair, we also do roof replacement. Replacing the roof of your home can be a substantial investment. Our team of roofers is always ready to work with you. If you have experienced storm damage, we can lend a hand in your claim process to make sure that you the damage is properly identified and covered. If you need re-roofing services, we can offer competitive prices and value.

We have skilled roof installers that promise to work fast, proficiently and spotless after the work is finish. Our contractors are qualified and equipped to work on different kinds of roofs. We can finish the task promptly and within the specified budget.


We also provide commercial roofing services and focus on innovative and re-roofing commercial shingle and metal roofs for businesses, multi-family apartments and schools. Our aim is to reduce your roofing problems and offer a better solution at a competitive rate.


We are proud of the various installation services we offer and exceptional customer service. Our company has competitive rates, polite contractors and a pledge to offer 100% customer satisfaction; we’re here to aid you in all of your gutter and roofing installation, cleaning needs and repair. Give us a call to arrange an appointment or inquire for an estimate of our services.

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West Vancouver Roofers

Kanga Roofing is a Vancouver & Lower Mainland roofing company that’s committed to offering superior roofing services and outstanding customer service. Our company is experienced at residential roofing and commercial roofing. Contact our West Vancouver roofers for your free comprehensive quote today.


Our company aims 100% satisfaction with our services such as home buyer and seller roof evaluations, roof insulation and radiant barrier, gutter installation, new roof, roof repair and roof maintenance.


We focus on innovative and re-roofing commercial shingle and metal roofs for businesses, multi-family apartments and schools. Our aim is to reduce your roofing problems and offer a better solution at a competitive rate.


We will aid you with restoring damaged exteriors and interiors, leaks, wind and hail damage after a West Vancouver storm. Our aim is to return your property to great condition as early as possible.


If you’re selling, buying or staying for a while, it may be best to get a roof inspection. Your home or business establishment is the biggest and most prized asset you have. The roof is one of most vital parts of your property. Due to the extreme weather in West Vancouver, it’s ideal to have your roof assessed and maintained at least once every 2-3 years. Without checking the condition of your roof, it may put it at danger for storm damage and extensive leaks.


Our contractors assist you from the beginning until the end of your roofing services, including quick and free estimates. Our roofing contractors are proud of their work and capability to offer you with a roof that can provide your house with sturdy protection and family safety. We only utilize the best materials to make sure the value and durability of your roof.

So if you are searching for an established West Vancouver roofers, call us today to find out how to get started.