As with any home maintenance work, many people seek out roofing contractors to complete roof repair tasks and inspections during some particular months in any year, whereas other months will be slower. Here in the lower mainland, mild weather for most of the year means that many roofing tasks can be completed during more than one season, but some factors make certain times busier. This has an impact on your roofing repairs in a few ways. So, what is the ultimate best time of year to hire a Vancouver roofer?

You will find that winter is very busy for roofers, whereas fall is busier. One reason for this is that some repairs just cannot be completed in the winter. While we do not get terribly cold winters here in Vancouver, it does get cold enough that some repairs must be completed in the fall. This includes repairs or replacements of rubber flat roofs and asphalt roofs, which have to be completed when temperatures are not below zero.

In general, homeowners are more likely to want to seek out repairs in the fall. That’s because Vancouver residents will often have more available income for completing repairs after summer passes and they are generally more ready to have home repairs completed.

This can mean that fall is a bad time for scheduling roof repairs. In this busy season, roofers are able to increase how much they charge because of the high demand and they have the ability to turn down difficult repairs that will take long, in favour of completing shorter jobs that can bring them more profit. Winter, on the other hand, could be a good time–except that some repairs can’t be completed and you might have some issues stemming from winter storms.

This leaves summer and spring as viable options–with the very best time for hiring a roofer being the summer. The weather is warm enough so most jobs can be completed on time for protecting against winter ice, and the demand for services is lower.

Since Kanga Roofing quotes are generally viable for six months, take due diligence and have our qualified roofing team perform an estimate and discuss the best time of year to get your roof whipped back into shape.

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