When it comes to common roof problems in Vancouver, there are 5 common problems. Much of a roof’s deterioration will occur in the last quarter of its expected lifespan. With this in mind, here are the top 5 most common roof problems you should look out for from our Vancouver roofers.

1) Leaks and moisture

We talked last week about how rain effects roofs in Vancouver. Anywhere there is a seam on your roof, a leak could develop. This is especially the case if flashing at the seam was not installed properly. Even with proper installation, flashing will not last for as long as your roof itself will. You should always take note when you see a leak in your roof.

2) Open seams causing blow-offs and billowing

On bitumen roofs, poor installation of flashing can also cause open seams to open, leading to the blowing off of pieces of the roof and to billowing. Roofs can experience reduced wind resistance when seams that were made with cold adhesives were not adequately cured.

3) Materials were not prepared ahead of time

Roofers need to take certain precautions in order to ensure a long lifespan of the roof. One way to do this is to relax sheets for certain types of roofs ahead of time. If sheets are not relaxed, the roof may later experience leaks, fish mouths, or wrinkles. Another precaution that must be taken is to clean, dry and prime an area before applying adhesive.

4) Not inspecting your roof on a regular basis for basic concerns

You should not wait until you notice a major problem to pay attention to your roof. By regularly looking for things such as ponding water or flashing that is loose, you can prevent bigger problems from ever happening. Some types of maintenance must be performed if you want to keep your warranty intact.

5) A roof design that causes ponding water

Every type of roof could experience ponding water, especially if it is not designed properly. A flat roof, for instance, should have a slope built into it to prevent ponding.

Many of these roof problems are caused by poor workmanship, so to keep them at bay you should hire a roofing contractor who knows what to look for and has practical experience. If you’re in Greater Vancouver, and a require roof repairgive us a call at Kanga Roofing for your roofing needs.

Image courtesy of Ocean Yamaha

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