Installing a skylight in your Vancouver home is an exciting option to consider. The benefits of doing so include that the new structure will appear to open up the space and that you will use less electricity to light the indoor area, which will lessen how much you pay for utilities. New natural light is also always a plus.

Selling your home in Vancouver? Realtors love to brag about a home’s “natural light”. If you notice that you have a dark area (especially kitchens and hallways) that can accommodate a skylight, buyers will respond. This small investment can yield large returns.

As with any home improvement project though, you have to consider a few things before you decide too quickly when you want the task completed. Here’s what you need to know about the best time to install a skylight.

What condition is your roof currently in?

A worn out roof is not a great starting place for installing a skylight, as it will be difficult to properly seal a skylight into a roof that has old shingles or that is damaged in other ways. While you may want to get that skylight installed as soon as possible, the safest and quickest way to go about it is to first get your roof inspected so the professionals can determine whether you need any roof repairs or even a roof replacement before you proceed.

What’s the weather like?

The great thing about living in a city like Vancouver that has a moderate climate all year long is that roofing work can theoretically be completed in any season. Of course, if it’s raining a lot as it does often in the fall and winter, you and your roofers may have to watch the forecast to find the best days to work. If you live in other parts of the province or the country, the cold winter weather can definitely hinder your roofer’s ability to install and seal the skylight safely, and we do advise you to wait until the weather warms.

Once you’ve decided that a Vancouver BC skylight add-on could work for you, contact us to get experienced professional roofing contractors in Vancouver the job.

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