This spring Kanga Roofing asked to sponsor Tynehead hatchery by providing free labour for a re-roof of their hatchery. My niece had recently been there for a school trip and was excited enough to take her mother, father and her grandmother for a visit.  Since we were a local Surrey roofing company we were happy to oblige.

Besides the leaky roof! We found was an impressive operation of dedicated volunteers. The group had turned an almost dead river back to a thriving salmon filed river. Their operation was so successful they were asked to supply salmon to other rivers.

Tynehead Hatchery Website

“Located in Tynehead Regional Park, near the headwaters of the Serpentine River, the Tynehead Hatchery handles four species of salmon annually. The Serpentine Enhancement Society is committed to replenishing and restocking all locally endangered fish species.

Visitors are encouraged to tour the hatchery and learn more about habitat enhancement. Learn more on our website.

The hatchery is completely volunteer-run, relying on dedicated and knowledgeable citizens to organize and participate in activities such as egg takes and fry releases.

The opportunity to replace Tynehead’s laminate shingle roof was a rewarding experience. It was even better to see the hard work and the incredible results of the Tynehead Hatchery volunteers. I will definitely be attending open houses in the future and I hope to see you there! As you can see we are Surrey roofers not photographers!

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