In Vancouver we have a few options when it comes to the type of materials for roof repairs. At Kanga Roofing we believe each type has its own disadvantages and advantages. Read on to learn why you might choose one roof type over another for your Vancouver home.


These roofs are inexpensive, reliable for waterproofing, durable and last about 20 years on average. Easy to install, they’re good in a variety of temperatures. You can get some asphalt shingles to last for up to 50 years and the year-long mild climate in Vancouver can help to make this happen. Asphalt shingles also come in different styles and colours, though dark asphalt will become discoloured or fade over time.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, lightweight and easily maintainable roof, look no further than a metal roof. It can be repainted when the need arises and is great in wet and icy winter months for resisting the buildup of water and ice. One disadvantage is the higher price of installation due to how difficult this material actually is to install.

Slate and Tile

If the appearance of your roof is important, tile and slate are great choices with their natural appearance and the variety of colours and styles that they can come in. They are not vulnerable to rot and are fire resistant.

Slate will cost you a lot but the material is expected to be able to last about 100 years. Disadvantages include that slate is easily broken, so cleaning your gutters and maintaining the roof in general will be difficult.

With a life expectancy of 50 to 70 years, ceramic tiles are also a solid choice for anyone who wants a long-lasting roof–though this material can be fragile when a lot of wind occurs.

Flat roofs

A couple of great benefits of flat roofs are that they are safe to get up on for maintenance and they have a low initial cost. However, flat roofs do require a lot of maintenance, including for their coating which does not last long, and repairs are expensive.

Environmentally-friendly materials

If you want to look out for the environment, consider the following materials: aluminum, slate, cedar shakes, and thermoplastic single-ply membrane. These types can reduce your home’s energy expenditure. You could choose thermoplastic single-ply membrane if you want a roof that will be very leak proof, and wood shakes are a good choice if a life expectancy of 30 years suits you. To make any roof type more eco-friendly, choose a lighter colour of the material.

Replacing your roof is one of the largest investments you will make regarding your home. If you’re not sure what roof type would be best for your home, contact us today and our Vancouver roofers will be happy to help you choose.

Image courtesy of Sherrie Thai via Flickr

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