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Rain Roof

The Effects of Rain and Storms on Your Vancouver Roof

Summer is nearly over, and in the Vancouver area that means that plenty of rainfall will soon be upon us ...
vancouver home

5 Factors of Roof Repair Costs in Vancouver BC

Are you wondering how much your roof repair might cost in Vancouver BC? It is difficult to say how much ...
Tynehead Hatchery Sponsors

Kanga Roofing Tynehead Hatchery Sponsors

This spring Kanga Roofing asked to sponsor Tynehead hatchery by providing free labour for a re-roof of their hatchery. My niece ...
Langley Roof Repair

Premium Commercial Torch-On Roofing

We have an excellent understanding of the specific applications required by the commercial roofing market. Our experienced and competent team is well ...
Richmond Roofers Burnaby

The Best Residential Roof Topping

We offer several options for the roof topping to suit your taste and requirements. OUR SPECIALTY: HIGH PITCH ROOFS Developing ...
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