Recently the Tynehead Hatchery in Surrey was in a bit of a jam. They needed some to roof repair in the form of putting shingles on their shelter. Our Vancouver roofing contractors were the first call they made. Of course we were more than happy to help! Below is a lovely thank you letter from the Tynehead Hatchery!


Dear Kanga Roofing,

How can we possibly thank you enough?!

We had volunteers put and addition onto the shelter over our salmon holding tanks. They had worked very hard but we still needed to put on the shingles. Out volunteers are dear sweet people but too many are older and having them up on that roof was more than we could ask for. So we decided to make phone calls.

The first call we made was to Kanga Roofing. Without hesitation they were coming after a long day’s work, in the dark and rain, to see our project and arranging to do the work. We were so excited!

On the appointed day, we had more observers than you sent workers. We were all in awe of the efficient and carefully manor in which the work was done. In one day the roof was finished, work that would have taken us weeks. The area was clean and tidy and we were bursting with pride at our beautiful roof.

You can’t know how much we value your efforts and your contribution to our work.


The Board of Directors

Tynehead Hatchery

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