If you are reading this article, you are at least considering the age and condition of your roof and if you might need roof repairs or a replacement in Vancouver. You are already ahead of many Lower Mainland homeowners who tend to ignore the issue until it’s too late.

Perform an Inspection:

Many people never perform any roof maintenance or inspections until a problem becomes obvious. This can be a major mistake. Often a simple inspection can spot problems early and prevent large bills later. Inspections should be regular and thorough. I would recommend you conduct inspections twice per year. Not comfortable climbing up there yourself? Our bi-annual maintenance program is the solution.

What to Look For on the Inside:

1. Water Damage – trails, stains, mould, rot, insulation damage, etc.

2. Sagging – Usually the result of rot in your plywood sheeting. Any significant sagging should alert you that the problem needs to be fixed immediately. Your roof may not be safe to walk on, so take precautions or hire a professional.

3. Penetrations – Take a close look at all roof penetrations which can often be the source of problems.

4. Ventilation – Make sure you roof is well ventilated. Often blow in insulation ends up clogging soffits. Additionally, wildlife can build nests and compromise your ventilation as well as damaging your home.

What to Look For on the Outside:

1. Broken, damaged or missing shingles.

2. Look at all of your roof penetrations, including the chimney, for signs of damage or water ingress.

3. Look at the general wear of your roof. If it looks badly worn with bald shingles, then you are probably due for a new roof.

4. Check your gutters make sure they are clean and water isn’t pooling in your gutters. Make sure everything looks secure and have a good look at your facia board for rot or general deterioration.

5. In Greater Vancouver, moss is inevitable on older roofs. Take care of moss issues before they become a major problem. Severe moss problems can greatly shorten the life of your roof by breaking down the shingles or forcing them apart, allowing water to penetrate you roof.

A regularly inspected and maintained roof can save you a lot of money. Spotting problems early and having them corrected before they cause major damage should be the goal of every homeowner. Keep an eye on your roof and keep dry!

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