Repairing a roof is a major decision and undertaking.  You are going to want to make sure that you hire the correct person and company for the job.  You want to make sure that your Vancouver roofing contractor has the experience and know how to complete the job. This article dives into what to ask before hiring a roof repair company in Vancouver.


Check to see if the company has experience working in your community.  A lot of contractors will tell you your roof has a problem, then when you hire them to fix it they will do little to no work on the roof.  Never pay in advance as some roofing scammers will take your money and never return to work on your roof.  Always check out the reviews and testimonials of the roofing company. Some companies will even give you references of past clients. The BBB is a good resource. Check out our A+ BBB Business Review!


Always ask the roof repair company for proof of their liability insurance.  Every respectful roofing contractor should carry liability insurance and have a business license as a roofer.  Ensure the company you choose is covered by Worksafe BC. You can get a clearance letter online with just the company name.


A conversation about your roof should give you a feel for how much experience your chosen roofers have.  A trustworthy roofing company like Kanga Roofing will employ highly skilled workers to ensure your job is done right. More than five years of experience will make sure that the roofers will know what to do for a variety of problems that they could encounter with your roof.

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