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Q. Is Kanga Roofing Inc. insured?
A. Yes we carry ample liability insurance and we are covered by WorkSafeBC.
Q. Do you ever charge more than your estimate?
A. Although we strive to cover all work that is needed in an estimate at times there is hidden damage that we didn’t anticipate. Before any additional work outside of the agreed estimate is undertaken we discuss all costs with the homeowner.
Q. What type of Warranty do you offer?
A. Our workmanship warranty varies. If we replace a roof we normally warranty our workmanship for 10 years. Repairs are generally 5 years. There will be times when we cannot offer our normal warranty. For example when we repair a roof that is near the end of its life or has other issues that require addressing. Neglecting regular roof maintenance which leads to a leak can also void a warranty.
Q. Do I need to be home during the work?
A. No, while some homeowners choose to be home during the process it is not necessary. It is purely up to you.
Q. Do you need power from my house?
A. Power from the home is nice as it reduces the noise associated with diesel or gas compressors, but we can run these types of compressors.
Q. What forms of payment to you accept?
A. We accept cash and cheque.
Q. Do you take precautions to protect my property and landscaping?
A. We do everything possible to ensure our work does not affect your property in any way. If you have special considerations be sure to discuss it with the foreman before work begins.
Q. Can I put new shingles directly over the old ones?
A. Yes, you can although we don’t recommend it. In order to save money, it was the norm not long ago. The drawback is that it can be much more difficult to locate problems in the future and it can hide problems until they become much more serious.
Q. Do I have to replace my Shiplap roof deck?
A. Yes, shingle manufacturers will no longer warranty shingles installed over shiplap. New shingles have a narrow nail line and shiplap splits and gaps on your roof. The act of removing old shingles from shiplap creates even more splits. Shiplap is a harder material than plywood which results in a greater propensity to pop nails.
Q. What is the difference between fiberglass and asphalt shingles?
A. Fiberglass was introduced in a layer to asphalt shingles to add strength and durability. Fiberglass shingles are now the norm and most roofers use the terms interchangeably. They look and feel the same.
Q. How do I know I need a new roof?

A. It is usually quite obvious from a simple inspection whether your roof is due for replacement. Cracked, brittle, bare shingles and of course leaks are telltale signs. Let us hop up and take a look!

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Kanga Roofing Inc. is fully insured and covered by WorkSafeBC.

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