Refund Policy

At Kanga Roofing Inc. we have a refund policy in place for the following circumstances:

1. Kanga Roofing Inc. will refund any customer overpayment of an invoice.

2. A deposit is fully refundable if, no material has been ordered, no work has begun and Kanga Roofing Inc. has been notified in writing (email acceptable) at least 7 days prior to the works scheduled beginning.

3. A deposit is partially refundable if, Kanga Roofing Inc. has been notified in writing with less than 7 days to scheduled job commencement. Under this circumstance Kanga Roofing Inc. will retain the lessor of 10% of the deposit or 1000 dollars.

4. Once material had been delivered and a job begun a deposit is not refundable.

Once all work has been completed Kanga Roofing Inc. will not provide a refund for any reason, other than overpayment. Our workmanship warranty will ensure the property owner is protected against any defects in installation.

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