One of the most important features of your home or business is its roof. We understand that a clean roof is a longer-lasting roof. That’s why Kanga Roofing offers complete roof cleaning services throughout Greater Vancouver; after all, a clean roof is a happy roof!

Protect Your Investment

A roof is one of the single-most expensive investments you make on your home or business. Roof replacement can be costly, and lots of people postpone this as long as possible. But with our roof cleaning services, you can potentially extend your roof’s lifespan, with the added benefit of keeping your home looking its best.

Our professional team of roof cleaners come to your home or business and perform a thorough cleaning.  While they are up there, they will do a visual inspection and notify you of any potential issues your roof may be having. Issues can include things like missing shingles, soft spots, nature damage and more.

Regardless the shape or size of your roof, Kanga Roofing has the tools and expertise to make your roof a happy roof.  Because our goal is your satisfaction, we offer everything you’ve come to expect from Kanga Roofing:
• Competitive rates
• Convenient scheduling
• Friendly, prompt service

The Lowdown on Moss Removal

You’ve all seen it:  a house that looks like the owners are growing vegetables up there or perhaps creating a funky mini-golf course for the neighbourhood. That’s moss!  Or maybe you’ve seen this:  black streaks that make it look like your roof’s mascara is running.  That’s algae!
Moss and algae spores are airborne and whether you see them or not, they are invading your roof 24-7! They thrive on moisture and organic matter, causing them to multiply like rabbits.  Millions and millions of micro-rabbits!

Cleaning these invasive growths from your home or business roof is difficult. People always ask, “Why can’t I just go up there with a pressure washer and blast it clean?” DO NOT DO THIS! While shingles are generally meant to last 20 years, pressure washing them will drastically reduce their lifespan.  Solution? Leave it to the Kanga Roofing pros. With our experience and excellent customer service, we will have your roof smiling again in no time.

Cover image courtesy of Zolakoma via Flickr – Creative Commons License

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