One subject that some Vancouver roofing companies may not bring up when discussing the roof repairs or replacement is proper roof ventilation. Roof ventilation is required to allow the temperature in your attic to be as close to the outside temperature as possible. This is possible through allowing air to flow in and out of your attic.

Roofing companies in Vancouver BC may not mention this necessity because it’s often thought to be the responsibility of the architect. This isn’t a problem if you have a newer home that doesn’t require a full roof replacement. However, problems can arise if your home is older or you are changing the type of shingles you have on your roof.


Insulation is good for keeping your home warm in general, but when it comes to your roof you do need some ventilation to allow proper airflow. You need your roof to stay cool in the summer, so some escape for the heat is necessary. As for winter, without proper ventilation any snow on your roof will likely melt but then freeze at the edges. This can cause ice dams to form, which can result in leaks and damage.


Older roofs that are made of cedar shingles are a common roof type in Vancouver BC that will require the addition of ventilation. This is because cedar does not require separate ventilation, as the material can breathe on its own. If you’re replacing your current roof to one made of plywood or asphalt, for instance, you will need ventilation added in.

Instead of assuming that this will get completed on its own, bringing it up with your roofers is smart. Without proper ventilation, your roof warranty can become void.

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Image courtesy of Brian Robinson via Flickr – Creative Commons License

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