What does gutter cleaning have to do with roof repairs in Vancouver? Quite a lot actually.

Cleaning your gutters is a seemingly simple task that can prevent a need for costly repairs to be completed. Our Vancouver roofers will answer here why gutter cleaning is so important and what exactly needs to be done.

Neglecting to clean your gutter could lead to infestations and to water damage to your home

If you let sticks, leaves and other debris clog your gutters, you could find leaks in your roof and water damage around your home. You’re also opening up the possibility for mold, rodents, honeycombs and pest to spend time on your roof. The costs to fix these issues can be large, especially if you don’t find out about the concerns until they have grown in complexity.

How often you clean depends on the trees in your area

Autumn is a necessary time for cleaning your gutters, as this is when leaves are constantly falling from the trees. Depending on what the season looks like where you live and how many trees you have nearby, it may be recommended that you complete a cleaning more than once in the season. Spring is another season in which trees are often changing and your gutter could become affected. Generally, one cleaning every four months is smart.

Gutter cleaning by yourself is possible but dangerous

If you have a sturdy ladder, you can do this task on your own, as many others do. One of the great things about hiring a professional is that they’ll know more what to look for in terms of any areas that may require repairs. They can repair gutter spikes that are loose as well as clear both gutters and downspouts. The cost for the task will vary depending on how long your gutters are, how tall your home is, and whether the work has any difficult aspects associated with it.

Get gutter covers to reduce the need to clean

With a cover, you may only have to have your gutters cleaned about once every one to three years. This amount of time can differ depending on the trees in your area and the cover’s quality.

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Image courtesy of Eric Schmuttenmaer via Flickr

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