Flat roofs can have an appealing look for certain buildings, but there are a few problems that can come about through the materials they have traditionally been made with and the previous workmanship put into them. Here are some problems that commonly occur on flat roofs and a look at how our roofing contractors in Vancouver can help.

The materials can break down due to exposure to the elements and poor design

The rubber and plastic used in flat roofs can erode and eventually break down because of sun exposure and water pooling that cause damage. Water pooling in particular can happen if the roof was designed poorly, so there is an inadequate means for water to drain. The end results can be damaged timber on the roof as well as impacted ceilings, walls and indoor furnishings due to leaks through the roof.

The traditional material used to repair flat roofs have had short lifespans and been inflexible

Mineral felt has been used to repair flat roofs that have leaks and in some cases it can be used to build new roofs. This material, however, has a short lifespan and in some cases can be inflexible throughout different seasons and weather conditions. This can lead to cracking and failures in the joints of the roof.

Due to changes in the temperature and weather in general, the flashing of the roof can also begin to become worn, which can allow water to get under the felt. This is not the securest of roofing materials.

Fortunately, there are newer materials available for repairing and replacing flat roofs. One such material is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Rubber, which has a lifespan of 40 years or more and is able to survive through large temperature changes.

If you are in need of repairs or a replacement for your flat roof in Vancouver, please contact us for a free quote.

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