Moss can be damaging to your roof’s shingles; however, finding moss on your roof is not a sure sign that you will need your roof replacement. Here we will discuss how to handle moss on your roof.

How moss damages your roof depends on which type of shingles you have

Moss weakens the structure of your roof by growing into it. If you have cedar shingles on your roof specifically, moss can act to increase the speed at which the wood rots. This is because the moss places prolonged dampness on the wood. If you have asphalt shingles, on the other hand, the granules that protect the roof from the sun may be forced off by the moss.

Whatever type of roof you have, moss can slowly but surely cause damage to it that could lead to the need for replacement. However, maintenance may be an option if you seek it out as soon as possible.

Seek out professional roofers to keep your warranty intact

While you should try to get moss removed quickly, tackling the problem yourself could cause more hassle than it is worth. If you end up damaging your roof, you could end up voiding its warranty. That’s why it is best to go to roofing contractors in Vancouver who have the proper experience, insurance and guaranties for their work.

Moss removal can be best completed under certain circumstances

Successful moss removal is most possible if the moss has not already caused too much damage and if you are in the dry season. Only at the time of year when rain becomes less common–which, in Vancouver, is mostly in the summer–are attempts at moss removal most likely to be successful. The moss must be killed before it can be removed, and the products that can be used to do this must be able to stay on the surface for a few days while it is hot and dry outside. This will allow the roots to come loose from the shingles and the moss to dry. Then, the dead moss can be carefully swept or washed off of the roof.

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