Summer is nearly over, and in the Vancouver area that means that plenty of rainfall will soon be upon us. In fact we’ve had a fair bit of rain in the last week! With the dry summer the region has had, rain may be welcome in many ways. However, over time rain can have a negative effect on your roof. Rain – it’s one of the five factors that determine roof repair costs in Vancouver, but what causes rain to damage roofs and how can you get this addressed? Here is what you need to know.

Roof leaks often happen because the rubber flanges around flashing get worn out

Wherever you have plumbing in your home, a vent pipe and flashing will be nearby. Flashing is a thin material used on your roof to prevent water from getting into your home through a joint, including at your chimney. Near all flashing, you will find rubber flanges which may only last for 7 years or so. When they are no longer effective, water can leak through them. Your roof itself could last over 20 years depending on the material it is made with, but with frequent rain you may find leaks earlier. And rain is not the only culprit.

High winds can lead to shingles being blown off

The West Coast may not be as prone to storms as other parts of the country, but strong winds can happen and the effects can be harsh. When shingles are blown off your roof due to wind, nails will become exposed and leaks can occur as a result.

If your roof shingles were properly installed by Vancouver roofers, they should be able to withstand around 210 kilometers an hour of wind. Regardless, it is always a good idea to look around your home and on your roof to check whether any shingles have become detached or damaged–especially if you have never had your roof replaced and the house is 20 years old or older.

Don’t tolerate any leaks

If you find a leak, you do not need to panic. Your roof will likely not have to get entirely replaced, but you should address the problem. Roof repairs are available for leaks, and our roofing contractors in Vancouver can give you a free quote for repairs in the Vancouver area.

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