Are you in need of a North Vancouver roof repair or replacement? Weather, debris, mold and leaves can lessen the life of your gutter and roof. Even rubbish can damage them over time. All of the mentioned factors can greatly lessen the overall life of your sidings, gutters and roofs. Moreover, wind and hail can also impair your ridge vents and roof, which cannot be seen from the ground. Flashing and nails can also be sources of leaks, prompting damage to the decking.

If you’re experiencing these dilemmas, contact our reliable North Vancouver roofers at Kanga Roofing. We have experienced and skilled professional contractors to handle various roofing services. Our crew of expert inspectors will assess every part of your attic, interior, exterior and roof areas of your house and business establishment to look for any damages. Our inspectors will evaluate for:

  • Water leakage and staining
  • Granular loss, roof wear and deterioration
  • Missing, buckling or curled shingles
  • Visible nails and unsealed nail holes
  • Unsteady or missing ridge caps and vents
  • Incorrect sealing of pipe jacks
  • Infirm and broken decking
  • Opened flashing around chimneys and other joining roof surfaces

Apart from roof repair, we also do roof replacement. Replacing the roof of your home can be a substantial investment. Our team of roofers is always ready to work with you. If you have experienced storm damage, we can lend a hand in your claim process to make sure that you the damage is properly identified and covered. If you need re-roofing services, we can offer competitive prices and value.

We have skilled roof installers that promise to work fast, proficiently and spotless after the work is finish. Our contractors are qualified and equipped to work on different kinds of roofs. We can finish the task promptly and within the specified budget.


We also provide commercial roofing services and focus on innovative and re-roofing commercial shingle and metal roofs for businesses, multi-family apartments and schools. Our aim is to reduce your roofing problems and offer a better solution at a competitive rate.


We are proud of the various installation services we offer and exceptional customer service. Our company has competitive rates, polite contractors and a pledge to offer 100% customer satisfaction; we’re here to aid you in all of your gutter and roofing installation, cleaning needs and repair. Give us a call to arrange an appointment or inquire for an estimate of our services.

Image courtesy of pointnshoot via Flickr – Creative Commons License