If you’re thinking about your roof maintenance in Vancouver BC, consider getting a yearly maintenance inspection completed. In terms of preventing leaks in particular, this kind of inspection could keep both you and your roofing contractors from having to deal with a difficult situation. Leaks may be actually not easy for roofers to fix, because finding the source of a leak is limited by the place where the water leaks into your home. Since water moves, it may not necessarily be the same place where the leak started.

Getting a professional roofing inspection completed once a year can prevent a lot of leaks and roof repairs from ever occurring. Not only will it help you to keep your roof in the best condition it can stay in overall, it also protects your investment.

Here’s what you can expect from an inspection:

The roofing inspector will look for potential concerns before they get on the roof.

You can expect that the inspector will complete a visual inspection of your roof from the ground. Let the inspector know whether you have seen any evidence of leaks from inside and whether any high winds or other weather may have caused damage. They’ll also want to know if you have had a satellite or similar item installed or serviced on your roof recently.

They’ll check for signs of damage on the roof:

Once they’re on the roof, they’ll look for damage starting at installations, fixtures and penetration.  The inspector then checks flashings and the seals around your chimney, as well as to any skylights. The chimney and skylights are key areas for water to sneak into. Drip edges, gutters, roof-to-wall transitions and dormers should also be looked at.

They’ll inspect from inside:

Your attic could have mold, algae, damp insulation and other troublesome signs that there’s condensation present.  Therefore, an inspection from inside is particularly important.

Getting a yearly inspection is integral for keeping your home safe so contact our Vancouver BC roofers to books yours.