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Whether you are a building owner or design professional, choosing the right commercial roofing system is the most important decision you will make regarding your roofing project. Your building’s first line of defense from natural hazards such as rain, snow, ice, wind and extreme heat is THE ROOF! Unfortunately, this is also the most vulnerable part of your commercial building.  Every day, deterioration and decay contribute to roof damage and jeopardize all the contents below. We do all aspects of commercial roofing; we have experienced crews ready to complete your job professionally and on time. We’re fully insured and WCB covered.


Torch-on roofing is used for residential and commercial flat and low slope roofs. It is durable and provides a long lasting water tight barrier. Torch-on roofs require specialized skills, tools and knowledge. We have the expertise to install your torch-on roof safely and skillfully. Torch-on Roofing is installed by applying heat via a propane torch to melt bitumen sheets to fiberglass sheets. It is expensive to install but once in place it is very durable and low maintenance.


Serious problems often are revealed by even the littlest of clues. Water stains on your ceiling should be your first red flag and must be investigated immediately. Chances are, the leak has been present for a while and you may have not even noticed your roof’s cry for help – the stain!  Other clues are smells of mildew or visible mold.  Call a reputable commercial roofing contractor and have an inspection done at the first sight of any of these warning signs.

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