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Factors to Consider in an Estimate
I occasionally get questioned about the cost of a job; mostly for jobs that don’t take very long. I thought I
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Find That Leak in Your Roof
If you had 20 year shingles installed 18 years ago, repairing your roof is likely an exercise in frustration. During
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How to Choose a Roofing Contractor
If you are in search for a reliable Greater Vancouver roofing contractor, you may be wondering how to pick the right
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The Importance of Insurance
Recently I needed to remove a large dead Douglas fir tree from my yard. A friend recommended a guy he
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How to Measure a Roof
Although many home owners, and sadly a fair number of roofing contractors in Vancouver do not know how to measure
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DIY Roofing Tools
I’ve put together this list of DIY roofing tools with the home owner in mind. The “Minimal Tool List” is
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proper roof ventilation
Top 10 Roofing Mistakes
1. Unskilled Homeowners Attempting Repairs or Installation Many homeowners have the skills to repair or install a roof, but scores
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Do I Need a New Roof?
If you are reading this article, you are at least considering the age and condition of your roof and if
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The Value of Gutter Cleaning
Many people fail to see the importance of gutter cleaning and neglect to clean them properly for several years at
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what to expect when the roofers show up
What To Expect When The Roofers Show Up
One of the most common questions we get from clients is what to expect when the roofers show up. This
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