Roof Problems & Issues

roof moss
How to Handle Moss on Your Roof
Moss can be damaging to your roof’s shingles; however, finding moss on your roof is not a sure sign that
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Is Your Roof Screaming for Help?
Don’t take your roof for granted. Take time to check out your Vancouver and Lower Mainland homes roof and inspect
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Leaky Vancouver Roofs
When at least half of the year is wet in Vancouver BC, it’s always a good idea to have proper
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What Causes Shingles To Bubble
If you have asphalt shingles, you may have noticed blistering on their surface. The bubbles as they are now should
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Dealing with Asbestos
Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral woven into fibers that was used extensively in construction prior to around 1985. It
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Common Problems With Flat Roofs
Flat roofs can have an appealing look for certain buildings, but there are a few problems that can come about
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Rain Roof
The Effects of Rain and Storms on Your Vancouver Roof
Summer is nearly over, and in the Vancouver area that means that plenty of rainfall will soon be upon us.
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Storm Damage
Vancouver rain, wind and hail cause storm damage to your roof shingles that could lead to problems in your house
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Dealing with Mold
WHAT IS MOLD? Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that inhabits virtually every corner of our environment. You will encounter
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