Workmanship Warranty

Kanga Roofing workmanship warranties are variable in length due to the many different types of roof systems, and condition of the surrounding structure. Normally repairs will be warrantied for 5 years assuming the surrounding roof is in good repair and our roofers estimate that it has more than 5 years of life remaining. Re-roofs and first installations are normally warrantied for 10 years. Your workmanship warranty will be disclosed on your estimate and your invoice.

Kanga Roofing Warranty Standard

Kanga Roofing Inc. warrants that all work carried out and detailed on your invoice, will be of good quality, free from faults and defects in workmanship under normal wear conditions for 10 years from the date the work is completed.



Kanga Roofing Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Our warranty is for workmanship. We will ensure all materials used shall be visibly free of defects but we do not warrant and have no liability for failed roofing products. Material warranties are provided by manufacturers if one is provided.
  2. Our warranty period begins on the date you are invoiced. Full invoice payment to Kanga Roofing Inc., as specified in the invoice is a condition precedent to the warranty taking effect.
  3. We shall not be held liable for or to effect repairs made necessary by any cause other than faulty workmanship on our part.
  4. We shall not be held liable in any way for any damage to the said building, any contents thereof, or the interruption of business or occupancy.
  5. The owner shall notify us in writing immediately should any problems arise with the roof.
  6. Traffic on roof will be limited to access for regular maintenance only.
  7. Pressure washers are not to be used on or near your roof.
  8. Roof must be kept free of all chemicals, molds, fungi, and other contaminants.
  9. Should deterioration or failure of building components occur causing damage to the roofing system we have installed, we will not assume responsibility.
  10. No other persons other than Kanga Roofing Inc. employees will tamper or alter the roof without our written consent.
  11. The warranty is issued to the owner of the building. This warranty is fully transferable to a new owner one time only. Kanga Roofing Inc. is to be notified within 30 days of ownership transfer.
  12. For the duration of the warranty the owner shall undertake to perform, or have performed at his/her expense, the following maintenance:
  13. Regular inspection of the roof, two times a year or more if needed.
      • Keep all eavestrough, and downspouts free from obstruction at all times in order to permit normal evacuation of water from the roof surface
      • Ensure roof is free from excessive accumulation of snow, ice and water.
      • Ensure roof is cleared of snow and ice without causing damage to the roof.
      • Ensure roof ventilation system remains functional.
      • Ensure tree limbs and vegetation is cut back and roof is regularly cleared of falling debris.
  14. No responsibility or liability is assumed in respect to repairs made necessary by gales, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storms, fire, lightning, earthquakes, or similar phenomena or hazards.
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